The Groom’s New Suit

I have considerably less to say about Guy’s suit, for the simple and compelling reason that I had considerably less choice in the matter.

We didn’t set a budget, as such, only decided to spend what we could and save wherever possible, so originally Guy was going to wear his tailored suit that he wore to graduation, accessorising it with tie, waistcoat

Then my mother got involved…

She was determined that he should get something new and special for the wedding day, and afterall, why not? I would be getting a new dress. And, she declared, light grey tails would really cut it (though you should know from the last picture that he won’t end up in grey!). Guy’s height and slim build are made for tails, and whilst at first he was reluctant to commit, the idea began to grow upon him.

We were never that committed to hiring: with the current plan to leave for our honeymoon at the end of the day and drive away into the evening, hiring presented a few complications! Besides, Guy was worried about the fit, the faff of collecting it in the week before the wedding, and would really prefer his own suit, if he could get away with it. Still, it seemed worth looking at a few hire places; if for nothing else, just to set the guideline.

And so we went trooping around tailors in Oxford city centre (missing out Moss Bro’s, because Guy didn’t want the same hire suit as thousands of others), and ended up in Ede and Ravenscroft, whose assistant measured him up by eye! We were impressed by their service, but looking at the prices we thought we could do better – we thought that we could [i]buy[/i] something for very little more. And we weren’t wrong!

Ebay offers large assortments of suits of different kinds and colours, most notably separate jackets and trousers, so that long-armed narrow-shouldered quandaries like my lovely husband can do a bit of a mismatch jobby – for about £50 each end. This didn’t help with the good fit situation much though, and meant that Guy would not be able to touch and molest the fabric to inspect the quality before purchase. Well, I asked, where did he think he could do that at bargain price?

And so one day, Guy got up, packed a lunch, phoned a friend, and got on a bus to London.

His journey was to Lipman’s, a tailor who sold on ex-hire suits for knockdown prices. All I knew about it was that he vanished for the day, had lunch with a friend and reappeared hours later, suit carrier in hand.

For £200 (twice the cost of my dress!), Guy had brought home morning dress! He had tried haggling with them, he said, but they wouldn’t drop the price, although they had thrown in a white shirt for nothing extra.

And here he is looking sharp on the day:

The waistcoat and tie you see him in were another matter… We decided we wanted him in a different colour waistcoat to the ushers, but all in waistcoats and ties. We ummed and ahhed over ivory or royal blue combinations, but the gist of it was still that we would need to find things in royal blue. That was hard.

We looked in tailors and department stores: M&S, BHS, Debenhams (where we discovered that my 6 foot husband fits a size “small” waistcoat!) and several others, but nobody did royal blue. There was an abundance of pink; purple was having a field day; powder blue was pretty happy with itself; red was here and there; but as for more, well, masculine shades, we found nothing.

So we returned to the internet. Here’s a tip: googling for “royal blue ” gets you nowhere: googling for “coloured ” will turn up a plethora of sites which do these things in custom colours, and then you have to hunt through them for the one with the colour you were looking for. We ended up on waistcoats4weddings. We couldn’t be sure of the quality or the colour match, but it seemed like our best bet.

At this point in the proceedings, Guy surprised me. I thought I was abominable at making decisions, but he couldn’t decide whether he wanted ties or cravats. Ties, apparently, are appropriate wedding attire, but recent fashions have leant towards cravats.

In the end, I made the decision – yes, I did! I told Guy that I preferred ties: they look neater on, and they might actually get reworn. So he ordered his waistcoat, and ties for himself and the ushers. They were actually delivered to my labs, and I had a terrible time not opening the packet until I got home. Guy immediately tried his waistcoat on, refused to let me see him in it, and compared the colour to my dress – it was a good match!

The quality is also good, and the material all nice and strokey.

Well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!


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