Another Slice of Cake

We decided to make our own cake toppers. After several abortive efforts with icing, we decided to have non-edible ones, which we could make them well in advance of the wedding! To make an “adventure” cake, we also had some confetti on top, mini champagne bottle candles (with the wick cut off the top) and Little Guy was punting whilst Little Rowena was climbing!

Here they are:

Little Guy

Little Rowena

Little Iris!

These were made out of fimo modelling clay, which you mould with and afterwards bake in the oven to make it go hard (and Little Guy was fixed with superglue, after one of the cherubs snapped his arm off). If you want to know more about how I modelled them, there is a tutorial here.

The cake stand was designed to look like Oxford English Dictionaries, on theme with Oxford! Here is the inspiration picture –


And the finished article


We made this out of blue and black ringbinders with polystyrene down the middle and cardboard with a “book page” pattern stuck on top. We decorated the spine using silver pens (and mimicking the spines of OEDs) and a wax stamp we made ourselves out of a piece of wood with a wood burning tool.

Polystyrene mess




To make sure the stand could take the cake, we overestimated it’s weight and tested it using a pile of recipe books! The books are piled upon the scales, which rests upon the stand, so we increased the test weight by the weight of our scales (unknown for obvious reasons). It was a really good test for assuring us our construction was stable!


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