We got our wedding insurance from They are a pretty good insurance policy and are pretty cheap for that matter, starting at £18.99 for £5k wedding and rising to £139.99 for £40k weddings.

I highly recommend getting hold of wedding insurance the moment you start booking things. I have heard enough horror stories about cancelled/rearranged weddings, weddings put off or moved by powerful weather, burnt/closed down venues or other tragic circumstances. Just get some insurance. Even if you have a registry office wedding, on the scale of things, it’s minor.

Our wedding policy was pretty good in that it covers 75% of costs of rearranging the wedding and is valid if you move or cancel because of illness of the bride, groom, or close family (though our policy has a very broad interpretation of ‘close’). Note that not all policies cover for these things – and what, really, is the most likely major hiccup? Illness, methinks, or change in financial circumstances. manage to cover pretty much everything, except changing your mind, of course. Cake, transport, flowers and so on are listed under separate value headers, and you are covered for redundancy from 8 weeks after the policy is taken out. But it’s definitely worth reading several insurance policies and comparing their cover, brainstorming catastrophic circumstances and checking to see whether you’re covered or not. If you took out insurance and it ended up not covering your personal disaster, it would be a bit of a kick in the teeth.

Just thought it was worth mentioning.


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