Choosing our music wasn’t really difficult. Early on during the engagement, Guy started ‘collecting’ songs: songs we really, really liked, which had positive messages about love and relationships. Every time one of us got up to dance to something, or said “Oooohhh, this is great!” he’d add it, and soon we had a list as long as our arms and our legs and which definitely wasn’t going to fit into the time we had available at the wedding! So next time someone says they played ‘Mr Brightside’ because it would get everyone up dancing and there weren’t enough happy songs to do that, laugh in their face: they just haven’t done any thinking about it!

From our list, Guy picked out our first dance song and songs thereafter for the end of the reception. Whilst he was technically in charge of music, it was me who picked our entrance song and signing the register song. For the register we had ‘Greensleeves’:

And our entrance song was the theme song to ‘Princess Bride’, ‘Storybook Love’:

We tried really hard to find someone who played the guitar who might be able to do the song live, but in the end nobody was confident enough. A shame, because it played really quietly from CD.

For our exit music, Guy wanted to do something amusing: at a friend’s wedding, they had played the Star Wars theme tune on exit, so he started thinking along similar lines…

I think he actually snipped the very start so that the lyrics cut in earlier on, but you’d have to ask the expert for the details.

And our final important piece of music was something that many of our guests contributed to: the love quotes. We used Vocaroo online voice recorder and set up a google spreadsheet of quotes we liked, which we then shared with friends and family. After they record a quote, they mark it off on the document and email us the sound recording, whereupon we (Guy) amalgamate(s) them into one big file, which is set to music.

We played this on loop before the ceremony whilst the guests were being seated. I’m not sure how many of them noticed it though – again, we could really have done with a louder sound system!


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