So, just to contrast my last post on healthy eating and exercise, I thought I’d talk about ALCOHOL. Guy’s parents kindly offered to pay for the drinks we had. Originally, this was just supposed to be for the meal, but somehow it ended up being Somerville as well. We had already ordered the drinks for the reception when we had our negotions with college, and in any case had to choose from their selection. Thus we provided –

1 glass of sparkling wine per person

Up to 75 glasses of Pimms/Bucks Fizz, playing the balance by ear

Up to 15 bottles of wine, playing the white/rose balance by ear, and orange juice for everybody who wanted some.

I managed a glass of sparkling on arrival and a glass of Pimms, though I would’ve quite liked a Buck’s Fizz as well – nevermind, I was doing well for a bride to have got two drinks in! Guy got a Pimms as well, as I was sure that he would.

We picked our wines for the breakfast more carefully. We both enjoy wines and have been to several wine tasting events in efforts to educate ourselves and refine our preferences. In fact, we are having a wine, cheese and book-swapping party tonight that I write! Guy has a membership to the Wine Society, and we have enjoyed their wines in the past. Not only that, but they have an under £6 a bottle range of some very good stuff (that does not taste under £6) and do free delivery for cases. Full cases can be returned, and for that reason Guy’s dad decided to order an extra case of everything – he has a Wine Society membership too, of couse – which is what put us onto it.

We decided to look at wines under £7, and showed Guy’s dad the list of ones we were considering. We quickly settled on the Beaujolais Village red wine, which was a favourite and looked like it would work well with the rich main dish!

For the white, we were more hesitatnt, but Guy’s dad suggested the Society’s Own White Burgundy, a reliable grape that Guy’s family had enjoyed over many years, and not likely to be too quenched by the food.

Here they are on the table

As for the Champagne – I’m not entirely sure what we had!

We originally composed a list of sparkling wines from the Wine Society, at which Guy’s dad declared “I’m not toasting your marriage in sparkling wine!” At which I laughed, and told him he was a snob!

I wasn’t surprised, and had had a sneaking suspicion that he would want to spend more on the toast drinks, so was prepared for this. I told him about the £19 Society Champagne and that it was his money, he could choose what he wished. And he did.

Because the Champagne wasn’t put on the table, I don’t actually know whether he went with my suggestion or not. No matter – it was very good Champagne and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

For non-drinkers we provided the caterers with four bottles of sparkling elderflower presse, which is very nice and comes out a similar colour. We had a look at options, but ended up choosing Belvior because they are a reliable brand and come in pretty bottles. The caterers were given a complete list of who wasn’t drinking so that they could slip in with the elderflower in all the right places.

Despite ordering an extra case of everything, we had only 5 bottles returned to us this weekend! It is true to say, wine makes people happy.


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